Mom Hacks – The Best Baby Lotions to Keep your Baby’s Skin Perfect!

Finding the best baby lotion for your little one can turn out to be pretty tricky. We know you have probably heard that baby’s skin is magically smooth and soft, and that’s no lie! However, babies still do need lotion from time to time to help them stay hydrated just like us. You do have to keep in mind that their skin is far more sensitive than yours. When choosing a lotion you must consider your baby’s skin type and make sure all the ingredients are safe to use on them. This guide will help you understand when you to use lotion, what to look for in a lotion, and the best baby lotion for your family.

All About Baby Lotion

Babies are born with delicate skin that doesn’t really require any product to stay hydrated. In fact, it is recommended that you do not use any product right away on your newborn as it can irritate their skin. If they have dry or cracked skin as a newborn, you can use Vaseline or olive oil (Kaiser Permanente). It’s best to wait until your baby is a little older, 1-2 months, before using lotion to repair dry skin. 

Once your little one has transitioned from newborn to baby, you will want to find the best baby lotion for them. This product will be very mild and free of any harmful chemicals, as the list below states. It’s important to be aware that some plant-based ingredients can be irritating to the baby’s skin. Many lotions formulated for babies avoid these ingredients but if you’re looking for a product you can use on the whole family you should keep this in mind. Pro tip: You will want to apply lotion right after bathtime, which is when their skin will absorb the product the very best. 

You should choose a baby lotion over regular lotion because they are built specifically for hydrating their skin, they absorb quickly, and they use the very best ingredients that help repair and protect. Keep in mind, lotions are different than creams and gels in terms of their consistency and their ability to hydrate your baby’s skin.

What to Consider When Choosing a Baby Lotion:

  • Baby’s skin: if the baby has any skin condition like eczema, dry skin, or sensitive skin
  • Ingredients: ingredients range from conventional to natural depending on the product, you will want to ensure your baby lotion is completely free of dyes and harsh chemicals 
  • Availability: some products can be easily found in your local drugstore and others may need to be ordered in advance, be prepared and have a good baby lotion ready to go at all times especially in the dryer winter months 


Our #1 Baby Lotion – Tubby Todd

Tubby Todd Baby Lotion

Tubby Todd has been the best baby lotion for our little ones. Tubby Todd was created by a mom whose child suffered from eczema and so she created her own lotion to clear up eczema. My daughter also had eczema and nothing was helping. In just two weeks of using Tubby Todd lotion, the eczema was completely gone. Not only that but Tubby Todd uses all natural ingredients that are free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, and bpa. So you know they are safe for your baby’s sweet skin. 

Check out all their products here. 


Best Baby Lotions- Popular Among Moms

Johnson’s and Johnson’s with Coconut Oil 

Johnson’s and Johnson’s is one of the most popular and well-known baby lotion brands. There are many options in their baby lotion line, covering everything from everyday needs to sensitive skin and even a bedtime lotion to help baby sleep. My favorite of theirs is the Pink Baby Lotion with Coconut Oil. It is 100% gentle and free of any harsh fragrance, dyes, parabens, and phthalates. Not to mention, it is a dermatologist and pediatrician tested product. I have found coconut oil to be one of my most favorite multi-use products in parenthood, and I just love that this lotion includes it and locks in moisture for 24 hours. You will probably find that the whole family wants to use this lotion! You can purchase yours here. 

And, we are not against the bedtime version of this lotion either which is made with natural calming aromas. You can find this version here.

best baby lotion

Baby Dove

This line uses all the quality ingredients from the adult Dove lines but tailors their formulas specifically for your baby’s delicate skin. Baby Dove offers a fragrance-free lotion that is also hypoallergenic and pH balanced, making it a great option for delicate skin. Their gentle formula aims to help your baby retain moisture for 24 hours. It is an ideal option for use after a bath to lock in moisture. This formula is great for soothing dry skin, which can happen as baby grows or during the colder months. Here is current pricing!

best baby lotion

Cetaphil Baby Lotion

Cetaphil is a higher end drugstore product line known for its thicker, moisturizing lotions. The Cetaphil baby lotion uses natural ingredients and an easy to use pump style bottle. This lotion contains signature ingredients and natural components, like sunflower oil and almond oil, to soothe dry and sensitive skin. The natural ingredients in this specially formulated product help keep baby’s skin soft, nourished, protected, and moisturized. This brand has long been trusted in repairing dry skin from young to old, so you know it is a good product to use on your little one. Take a look here!


Best Baby Lotions for Maximum Hydration

CeraVe Baby Lotion

You can protect your baby’s skin with the essential ceramides and vitamins in CeraVe Baby Lotion. These help skin to maintain its natural protective barrier while also keeping skin hydrated for a full 24 hours. It is fragrance-free as well as sulfate free, which is great as these are common irritants. This lotion is really a great option if you notice your baby is having problems with dry skin as it provides long term protections and truly helps their skin to heal. Buy yours here!

Kiehl’s Mom and Baby Moisturizing Cream

That is right, you can share this lotion with your little one and it will provide you both with the hydration you need to keep silky smooth skin. It is a mild lotion containing all the good stuff, like shea butter and apricot kernel oil. It is so gentle that you can even use it on your baby’s face if they have some dry spots there. They highly recommend using this lotion after a bath as that is when it locks in moisture the best. Check current pricing here! 

Best Baby Lotions with Natural Ingredients

Burt’s Bees Baby Lotion

Burt’s Bees is a popular natural lotion brand, especially when it comes to products for pregnant women and for new babies. The Burt’s Bees Baby line includes a nourishing baby lotion which is perfect for moisturizing baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Their products use natural, plant-based ingredients that are perfect for hydrating, smoothing, and keeping baby’s skin soft and clear. I love that this lotion includes both sunflower oil and shea butter. These are two of my favorite moisturizing products! Get yours here.

Burt’s Bees also offers a variety of pregnancy products which makes it easy for expecting mothers to make this their go-to brand. Some of their other products include belly balm and lotions to use during pregnancy. 

Burt's Bees


Honest Purely Simple Face and Body Lotion

Honest Company products are a favorite among many parents today, from diapers to soaps and lotions. The Honest Purely Simple Face and Body Lotion is a great option for both mom and baby to use. This lotion is plant-based and works to hydrate and keep skin moisturized. It’s formulated for dry skin but the quality ingredients make it a solid baby lotion for daily use as well. As with the full Honest Company product line each item is gentle and clean, making it safe for baby. This brand has ventured beyond its online store to several retail locations, like Buy Buy Baby and Target. You can buy it on Amazon here!

Honest Baby Lotion

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

Aveeno products are well known and available in almost every drugstore and grocery store. They are all about using quality all natural ingredients. The Aveeno Baby line uses these quality ingredients to help hydrate and lock moisture in with the use of colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients. These specific ingredients create a barrier to help keep moisture in while hydrating dry and sensitive skin. The Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion is gentle enough to use daily and will protect your baby for 24 hours. Purchase it here!

Earth Mama Baby Lotion

This sweet vanilla orange lotion will make you want to gobble your delicious babe up! It has been clinically tested, is nonirritating and dermatologically reviewed. This is a great option if you would like lotion with a little bit of a scent but still prioritizes being all natural. It can be used cheeks to cheeks, so wherever your baby has dry spots it’s fair to apply. Earth Mama has a ton of other great products as well, and I am a big fan of their diaper cream and belly balms. To get your lotion, follow this link.

California Baby Everyday Lotion

This is the lotion for all vegan mamas out there! Not only is this a vegan option, but it is super soothing and hydrating. It is free of added fragrances, common allergens, and any harsh chemicals of course. I love that this lotion is so light and seems to absorb quickly. Its main ingredients are aloe vera and calendula extract, which leave your skin feeling so fresh. It is totally safe to use this product as your daily lotion. You can purchase it here!

Best Baby Lotion for Eczema Relief 

Eucerin Baby Lotion

Having a baby with eczema definitely is not fun, but finding the right products will help to soothe their irritated skin. Eucerin is a well-known lotion brand for treating eczema and their baby body lotion gets the job done while still being very gentle. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, which is very important when applying to skin with eczema. Its super ingredients include shea butter and pro-vitamin B5. You should use the Eucerin baby wash and shampoo during bathtime for the full effects. Here is current pricing for the lotion!

Aveeno Baby Eczema Care

Aveeno Baby Eczema care is recommended by pediatricians to soothe discomfort in babies with eczema. It is steroid free, not to mention extremely gentle and free of harmful chemicals. It is made with natural colloidal oatmeal, which helps strengthen and protect. This lotion can be applied as need and is safe for daily use if necessary. On top of treating eczema, it is a great product to use if your little one has a rash as well. Click here for pricing. 

They do have some other eczema care products like a night balm and a bath treatment if this is something your baby is really struggling with. 

best baby lotion

Have some questions about Baby Lotions. Feel free to list them in the comments  Also, check out our Rookie Moms Facebook Group, it’s a great group of moms where you can share your experiences, ask for advice and even help out another mom!

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Unique Middle Names For Boys; 150 Options We LOVE

Picking out the first name can cause enough stress, and then once you find one you have got to find a middle name that goes along with it. And sure, no one will judge your name choice as harshly as if you were naming a royal baby but it’s still a huge decision! You might be looking for something classic or maybe trendy or strong for your baby boy. Whatever the case, we have got our favorite unique middle names for boys picked out for you here. Use this as your naming cheat sheet! 

unique middle names for boys

How to Pick a Middle Name 

There is no right or wrong answer here! You can go with a passed down family name or something no one has heard before. My recommendation is to have a little fun with the middle name. Pick something you truly love! You don’t have to worry about the middle name choice for your baby boy the same way you do for the first name, as it isn’t something they will really have to use if they don’t want to. 

Think of a middle name as a way to make your child’s name sound stronger or more interesting. It’s like a bonus addition to their first name. Oh, and make sure you like the way it sounds when you say it sternly. If your little boy is anything like my little boys, you’ll probably be saying it quite often. 

Once you have picked one out, hop over to Pottery Barn to make one of these precious keepsake blocks. If blocks aren’t your thing check out a blanket or rocking horse. It feels so good to finally set things in stone!  

middle names for baby boys

150 Unique Boy Middle Names 

Middle Names You’d Never Think Of

We are kicking off the list with some of the coolest middle names for your rad new little dude! I am absolutely obsessed with “Bodhi” which we have included here. It would pair so well with a classic first name, giving it a little more flavor. I haven’t hopped completely on the bandwagon of super unique names, but I do love the idea of a unique middle name and I think everything on the list below provides that. 

  1. Ace 
  2. Zander
  3. Knox 
  4. Bowie
  5. Elian 
  6. Rocco
  7. Jax
  8. Harley 
  9. Jagger
  10. Presley 
  11. Bodhi
  12. Zion 
  13. Urban
  14. Braxton 
  15. Bell
  16. Zeus 
  17. Braun 
  18. Nevin 
  19. Grayson
  20. Addison
  21. Indigo 
  22. Hugo 
  23. Booker
  24. Phoenix 
  25. Sky
  26. McKinley
  27. Aspen

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Classic But Forgotten Boy Middle Names

Classic names just make me swoon. I think they are both precious and strong, and the best part of all is that you can probably find a family link to at least a couple of these names. Many of these would also make great first names if you are still on the hunt for that; like Conrad, Graham, or Reed. 

  1. Edwin 
  2. Pierre
  3. Crosby
  4. Lawrence
  5. Rhett
  6. Bradford
  7. Jed
  8. Theodore 
  9. Wade
  10. Conrad
  11. Quentin 
  12. Warren
  13. Everett
  14. Winston 
  15. Russell 
  16. Fernando 
  17. Jacque
  18. Leonard 
  19. Murphy
  20. Oliver
  21. Vincent 
  22. Vernon 
  23. Murray
  24. Gabe
  25. Norman 
  26. Ernest 
  27. Percy
  28. Calvin
  29. Dario 
  30. Quincy 
  31. Harvey 
  32. Ezra
  33. Graham 
  34. Antonio 
  35. Sampson
  36. Reed
  37. Frank 
  38. Walter
  39. Roy
  40. Clyde
  41. Luther
  42. Archie 

Trendy Middle Names

I would say that right now trendy boy names are all unique. People are all about mixing up the usual spelling or pulling a name seemingly straight of the dictionary instead of out of the baby book. All the names we have listed below are fun and different! 

  1. Emory
  2. Kent
  3. Riggs
  4. Camden 
  5. Reign 
  6. Beck
  7. Mac
  8. Cade
  9. King
  10. Carmelo 
  11. Fox
  12. Eldridge 
  13. Bailey
  14. Ashwin 
  15. Clayton
  16. Owen
  17. Keanu
  18. Reese 
  19. Renzo 
  20. Arlo 
  21. Keegan 
  22. Luca
  23. Soren 
  24. Ezekiel
  25. Cullen 
  26. Flynn 
  27. Porter
  28. Wilder
  29. Atlas
Unique Middle Names For Boys

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Strong Middle Names For Your Little Boy

It is pretty common when people are naming their boys for them to be on the lookout for something that sounds strong and stable. They want to give their little one a big name to live up to because they know he holds the potential for greatness! Whether you are dreaming of your son being a future doctor, world leader, or athlete these middle names will sound great paired with anything. 

  1. Lewis
  2. Gareth 
  3. Cyan
  4. Silas
  5. Garrison
  6. Jay
  7. Casper
  8. Houston
  9. Ike 
  10. Warren
  11. Landry
  12. Vernon
  13. Cyrus
  14. Otis 
  15. Terrell
  16. Nolan
  17. Zeke
  18. Wren 
  19. Malachi 
  20. Wyatt 
  21. Dallas
  22. Finnley 
  23. Corwin 

My Personal Favorites 

Last but not least, I have rounded up my own favorite unique middle names for boys! Many of them could fit in one or two of the categories above as well. Now I will just keep my fingers crossed that none of them become too popular by the time I have a little one! 

  1. Cash 
  2. Penn 
  3. Callum 
  4. Finn
  5. Levi 
  6. Sutton
  7. Kai
  8. Anjay
  9. Cooper
  10. Kip
  11. Cruz
  12. Beckett 
  13. Kane
  14. Sheridan
  15. Ramon 
  16. Grady 
  17. Omar 
  18. Fitzgerald 
  19. Madison 
  20. Demitri 
  21. Ash
  22. Perry
  23. Collins 
  24. Gordon
  25. Frankie 
  26. Gray
  27. Sawyer 
  28. Stevie
  29. Jude 
  30. Cohen 

Are you looking for something classic or maybe trendy or strong for your baby boy? we have got our favorite unique middle names for boys picked out for you here. Use this as your naming cheat sheet! #babyboy #names #boysnames #cheatsheet #guide #list

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The Best Baby Beach Tent for the Summer!

As great as sunshine is, it’s rays can be really harmful especially to the little ones. Our favorite way to get outside while keeping the babies protected from the sun has always been a baby beach tent. It’s something our family has done for a long time, although before it became a real “thing” we would just use a normal small tent.We had our pro moms check out the best baby beach tent and give you the breakdown of which ones truly are the best.

We know that sunscreen for babies can be a choice that really tears you apart as a parent, since many pediatricians are opposed to its use. That is why a tent is a great compromise. It will provide great shade and keep them off the ground, which is really nice if your outing involves sand. Now that they’re so popular there are tons of great options that are easy to pop up and have special features to accommodate babies. Make sure to check them all out before your summer plans get underway!

Best Baby Beach Tent
Important Features in a Baby Beach Tent

This will be super important because let’s face it, if it isn’t easy to set up it won’t actually ever get put up. That’s just how life is with kiddos around. The best choice to go with is a pop up. It will have the fewest pieces to deal with! I still remember my husband using quite a few choice words trying to pack back up the pop-up tent, so make sure to find one that is easy to pack back up. 

You want your baby to have ultimate protection from the sun. If you can find a tent that fits your needs and has ultraviolet protection, you’ve found a winner. Some tents just offer shade, which is still great. However, look for the certified ultraviolet protection label for the added bonus.

  • Something to Keep it in the Ground-

You don’t want a flimsy tent that doesn’t stay put. Check to see if there’s stakes, sand pockets, or some sort of pegs to keep it on the ground. You will also want to make sure it is made of a sturdy material.

Check to see if there are windows or sides that can be opened to let a little air in. Your little one wants some of that sea breeze too! Any ventilation will keep your tent from turning into a sauna inside.

This one is really up to you and based on your needs. Some mamas might just need a tent for one baby, but others of you might need to fit a few more munchkins in there. It’s always great to have some extra room for everyone else to get a break from the sun.

The Best Baby Beach Tent

So, we had our pro moms try out different beach tents and here is a list of the creme of the crop.

This playshade is most of our moms favorite and was consistently voted the best baby beach tent. It is great with its closed bottom to keep sand out, closable and open front with great air vents. Plus some stakes to keep it in the ground. It even comes with a little carrying case making it easy to tote on any adventures. This tent is also made of fabric with 50+ UV rated fabric, so it will protect your baby super well. Check Current Prices Here!

This was also a clear favorite amongst our moms as it is so darn cute. It’s super easy to pop up too. This can be your kiddos special place whether you’re just in the backyard, exploring the beach, or on any kind of adventure. It has a UVF sun protection rating of 50+. Check Current Prices Here

  • Pottery Barn Baby Beach Tent
  • Pacific Play Tents One Touch Beach Tent

This tent is great at is it super easy to put up and more importantly takedown. (My husband has no patience for putting back tents, so it’s a great feature for us) The tent is SPF 30 and is also well ventilated to keep your baby cool. Check Current Prices Here!

Baby Beach Tent

Baby Beach Tent

This is our rookie moms squad’s favorite of the larger tents on the market. This pop up tent is HUGE definitely can fit a lot. Usually the advertising of 5 person capacity it is based on very small people. Not this one. It Is tricky to fold back up but they have a youtube video which once you watch a couple times makes it a whole lot easier. – Check Current Prices Here!

  • Pacific Lil Nursery

    The mesh siding surrounding this whole tent is one reason that we love this baby beach tent so much. It allows your little one to see out and take in all their surroundings. It’s three feet wide and three feet tall, leaving room for some siblings to join in. It isn’t pop up, but it is super easy to assemble. Another perk of this tent is that it’s very easy to wash off after a day of sand. Check Current Prices Here! Best Baby Beach TentBest Baby Beach Tent

  • EasyGo Shelter

This isn’t quite a baby tent, it’s more like a family tent with plenty of room for about four people inside. It can keep everyone in the family protected from the sun’s harmful rays! The easy go shelter also has one flap that stays open and plenty of UV protection on the inside. It pops up easily. Check Current Prices Here
best beach tent


This tent is really popular among a lot of parents and you can see why because it comes in fun, bright colors! It has plenty of UV protection. Do make sure to put in the stakes though because it is pretty light and might just blow away without them. Check Current Prices Here!

Babymoov Anti-UV Tent - UPF 50+ Sun Shelter for Toddlers and Children, easily folds into a Carrying Bag for Outdoors & Beach

This is another family option, but it’s so reasonably priced it won’t cost you much more than a baby beach tent. The whole side unzips meaning your kiddos can play in the sand, but sit on the tent floor. It provides UPF 30+ to protect you from the sun. It is another pop up option, so you won’t have to worry much about assembly. Only downside is no floor to the tent so you will have to use your own towels or blanket to protect your little one from the sand. Check Current Prices Here!

Family Beach Tent


If you’re look for a spot that you know your baby will be safe in, this is a wonderful option. This little infant beach tent is like a mini porta crib. You can have it  halfway or fully closed depending on how much shade you want your baby to have. You can be sure your baby will be comfy because the bedding is super padded, but they will also be super entertained with the cute windmill. Check Current Prices Here!

Fisher Price Baby Beach Tent

This is the baby beach tent for you if you are looking to keep things simple. It’s just a little mat with a fish-shaped sun cover, which is adorable by the way! It folds really easily and has 50 UPF sun protection. Another bonus, it is definitely on the cheaper side.

fish beach tent

I love the sleek design of this tent. It is extremely light, pops up super easily, and folds up into a compact carrying case. It’s perfect for just one baby to fit inside. It is surrounded in mesh, keeping everything you want out outside but air can still flow through. There are side flaps that can be rolled up or down over the mesh if you would like to keep the sun out. Check Current Prices Here!

Baby Beach Tent


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Pin for Later – The Best Baby Beach Tent for the Summer!

We know that sunscreen for babies can be a choice that really tears you apart as a parent, since many pediatricians are opposed to its use. That is why a tent is a great compromise. It will provide great shade and keep them off the ground, which is really nice if your outing involves sand. Now that they’re so popular there are tons of great options that are easy to pop up and have special features to accommodate babies. Make sure to check them all out before your summer plans get underway! #babytent #summer #beachtent #beachvibes

Best Baby Beach TentBest Baby Beach Tent

150 Unique Middle Names for Girls [Both Sweet & Strong]

Picking out a name for your precious baby girl can be tough! While I have had a long list of first names in mind for years, figuring out a unique middle name for a girl has always been a struggle for me. If it’s a struggle for you too, then you are in luck because we have gathered some of the most amazing names into this easy to read list for you! Our list includes names inspired by beautiful places, trendy names, classical names that will make you swoon, and even some that you have probably never heard of. 

unique middle names for baby girls

150 Unique Middle Names for Girls 

Unique Middle Names for Girls Inspired By Places

I love girls names that are inspired by pretty places, don’t you? Any of these will be a great addition to the first name you choose and will hopefully spark a bit of wanderlust in your baby girl. Some are short and others are long so you will be able to find one that pairs with the first name you love. 

  1. Paris
  2. Hampton
  3. Arizona
  4. Holland
  5. Vienna
  6. Milan 
  7. Sedona
  8. Capri 
  9. Chandler 
  10. Cheyenne
  11. Bristol

Old Fashioned Middle Names 

Names from the past are definitely having a moment right now. That is probably why I seriously love each name in this section of the list. Although you may have heard these before, they will still make for a unique middle name as they are no longer popular. 

unique middle names for baby girls

Personalize this towel with your baby’s monogram here!

  1. Amelia
  2. Silvia
  3. Imogen
  4. Theresa
  5. Sadie 
  6. Louisa
  7. Fern
  8. Jane
  9. Fern
  10. Marta 
  11. Jane
  12. Ariana
  13. Delila
  14. Vanessa
  15. Scarlett
  16. Eleanor
  17. Fawn 
  18. Nadeen
  19. Ellis 
  20. Matilda 
  21. Bethany
  22. Naomi 
  23. Lillian 
  24. Violet
  25. Eloise
  26. Cecilia 
  27. Clementine (My #1 Pick for Unique Middle Names for Girls)
  28. Harriet 
  29. Camille 
  30. Vivian 
  31. Nanette
  32. Genevieve 
  33. Colette 
  34. Wilma
  35. Seraphina
  36. Joan 
  37. Opal 
  38. Vera 
  39. Ruth 
  40. Viola 
  41. Beverly 
  42. Lindsey
  43. Sofia
  44. Brooke
  45. Ellen
  46. Crystal
  47. Marianna
  48. Victoria
  49. Paige 
  50. Meryl

Trendy Middle Names for Girls

Parents are looking for unique middle names that stand out and these trendy girl names are the perfect way to do that. This section of the list includes everything from the cutest unisex names to names you might not have heard before. You will also find that some of these are common, but there is a twist on the spelling like Camryn. My favorite names from this list are Emeline, Collins, and Esme. 

unique middle names for baby girls

  1. Collins 
  2. Amabella
  3. Quincy
  4. Priyanka
  5. Renee
  6. Blakeley
  7. Everett
  8. Marley 
  9. Winona
  10. Shailene
  11. Harper
  12. Willow
  13. Poppy
  14. Moana (Hello Disney Fans! This is the perfect unique middle name for your girl!)
  15. Amarissa
  16. Juliet
  17. Barrett
  18. Ginger
  19. Piper
  20. Gwyneth
  21. Kaiya 
  22. Karsen
  23. Sheridan 
  24. Blaise
  25. Roxy
  26. Winnie 
  27. Sommer 
  28. Juniper 
  29. Colbie
  30. Malia 
  31. Lucille 
  32. Camryn 
  33. Reyna 
  34. Lena 
  35. Reed
  36. Logan
  37. Parker
  38. Payton 
  39. Grey
  40. Billie 
  41. Clara
  42. Gwen 
  43. Esme 
  44. Mazie
  45. Hattie 
  46. Olive
  47. Reagan 
  48. Ellison 
  49. Ariel 
  50. Emeline 
  51. Sidney
  52. Ashtyn 
  53. Dylan

Short & Sweet Unique Middle Names for Girls

Short & sweet middle names are the key to popular two-part Southern names, like Celia Mae or Anna Luz. Pair these with a 2-3 syllable first name and you will probably find yourself calling your daughter by both her first and middle name, even when she’s not in trouble! 

  1. Tara
  2. Maya
  3. Nikki
  4. Demi
  5. Lindy
  6. Kami
  7. Kellie
  8. Shea
  9. Izzy
  10. Rae 
  11. Bri 
  12. Mae 
  13. Zoë
  14. Gia 
  15. Faye
  16. Bliss 
  17. Luz 
  18. Eve
  19. Rio 

Middle Names You’d Never Think Of

If you are truly looking to find a unique middle name for your baby girl, you have to check these next 20 out because they are all fun but still will stand the test of time. Fun fact, ancient Greeks used to use the name Delta for their fourth born child. If you are on your fourth, you should consider using this pretty middle name! 

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  1. Seneca
  2. Stormi 
  3. Killian
  4. Zelda
  5. Blythe
  6. Winter
  7. Aurora 
  8. Mara
  9. Celeste 
  10. Octavia 
  11. Delta
  12. Eclipse
  13. Mickey
  14. Keilani
  15. Laney
  16. Iris 
  17. Aurelia
  18. Magnolia
  19. Joelle
  20. Natalia 


Pin for later!

Check out our list of 150 names for girls inspired by beautiful places, trendy names, classical names that will make you swoon, and even some that you have probably never heard of. #babynames #names #trendynames #classicalnames #uniquenames #guide #list


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Splish Splash! 10 Super Fun Bath Toys for Toddlers

When you have a toddler, bath time suddenly becomes much more fun! Your toddler will suddenly enjoy this part of their daily routine. They can splish splash in the water, enjoy the bubbles, find some new favorite toys, all in addition to learning the basics of personal hygiene. You will want to stock your bath with amusing toys that keep your wiggly toddler’s attention. The top 10 best bath toys for toddlers are toys that are easy to use, easy to maintain and provide entertainment while in the bath. Most bath toys have an aquatic theme, but there are toys that educate as well as entertain.

bath toys for toddlers

Squirting Bath Toys for Toddlers

1: Little Squirts Fun Bath Toys

This pack of squirting bath toys is classic! They come in a 10 pack which offers an assortment of under the sea creatures made of durable plastic. Each is capable of holding and squirting water. These toys are a bath time staple because they float, are colorful, and make playing in the bath a little more fun. Here is current pricing! 

2: Fishing Floating Squirt Toys

Taking the squirting toys a step further, this Fishing Floating Squirt Toys set turns the bathtub into a pond, lake, or ocean for fishing. The set comes with a water compatible fishing pole, a fishing net, 3 fish, a starfish, and a crab. Toddlers can have fun with each floating toy. They can learn to catch the fish and scoop them with the net. This set even comes with its own storage net for drying and storing toys after each bath, which is one quality mom might enjoy in bath toys even more than toddlers! Check these out here.

Toys to Encourage Learning

3: Bath Letters and Numbers

Another bathtime staple is classic foam letters and numbers. This set by Little Tykes includes all 26 letters and 10 numbers in a variety of rainbow colors. Each letter and number can stick to the bathtub wall and float in the water. This is probably the most fun way to learn their letters, numbers, and basic spelling. Buy yours here!


4: Bathtub Crayons and Bath Drops

Let the bathtub become a canvas for your toddler! Crayola has a line of bathtub crayons and bath drops to help add color and creativity to bathtime. Bathtub crayons turn the walls of the tub into a blank space for drawing and coloring while bath drops turn the water fun colors. The crayons are retractable to help them last through multiple baths and the bath drops are available in a large tub to help make bathtime fun regularly. This is a great bath toy for toddlers that will last you a while! Check their pricing here. 

bath toys for toddlers

5: Little Boat Train

The Little Boat Train by Munchkin is a great toddler bath toy because it’s simple but still fun and entertaining. This boat train is made of up 6 plastic molded boats, each designed to connect to each other with simple hooks. They also hold water. The boats come in 6 different colors, giving an opportunity to learn counting, colors, and coordination. These dry easily after each bath and are a solid durable bath toy. Purchase these here!

Sprinkler and Spray Toys

6: Mini Sprinkler Wall Toy

Toddlers love to move water while in the tub! Toys that allow them to splash, fill, and pour cups allow them to be interactive. This flower pot-themed spinning sprinkler toy gives children a place to pour water and explore how it flows and falls. The toy suctions to the bathtub wall giving it a sturdy base. The water spouts from the top to sprinkle, spin pieces, and fill the bottom. It’s easy to install and remove, allowing you to set it up and take it down as needed. Here is current pricing. 

7: Spin and Spout Wall Toy

This toy suctions to the bathtub where the wall meets the floor. This gives it the space to draw water from the tub and then spout it just like a faucet. There’s also a sprinkler component that sprays water from the top of the faucet. It holds cups in the base for pouring and there are gears that suction for use on the wall as well. This brightly colored bath toy makes bathtime more interactive and fun for your toddler. Check it out here!


8: Submarine Spray Station

Another wall-based toy is the Submarine Spray Station. This toy has a submarine that sits under the water in the bath to draw water with a short hose that attaches to a sprayer. This gives children control of the water while in the bath and allows them to spray water into the wall component. There are two openings to spray water into, both of which allow the water to flow down and move gears that spin and a sprinkler on the bottom. This toy turns any bath into a water table and is easy to remove after each bath. Buy your submarine station today!

Toys to Keep Your Toddler’s Attention 

9: Musical Bubble Crab

A great toddler bath toy is the Musical Bubble Crab by Frudaca. This toy is a fun red crab that creates bubbles in the bath. The crab itself suctions to the wall of the tub and makes bubbles along with playing music and blowing bubbles into the bath water below. This is a great toddler toy because it lets parents set up the bath beforehand and still gives the toddlers the enjoyment of watching and playing in the bubbles. It’s easy to set up and use, with a convenient on/off switch and a bubble reservoir to use any soap you’d like. Here is current pricing.

10: Light Up Floating Toys

For toddlers who aren’t big on splashing or squirting this 8 piece light up floating toy set is a great investment. Each toy is sealed with a battery and light inside for glowing bathtime fun. Each toy glows in several different colors with 3 different glowing modes. The toys are shaped like ocean creatures and land animals, with a shark, dinosaur, and elephant among others. These are great toys for in and out of the tub and they help make bathtime a little more fun for those that aren’t too interested in the activity. Check it out here! 



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Pool Safety for Toddlers [Important Tips to Know This Summer!]

Swim Lessons for Babies – What to expect for each age range.

Ahhhh, swim lessons for babies. One of the first things I was so excited to do with my first child was to get him in the water so that we can fun during those warm summer days. Finding the ideal baby swim lessons for your baby depends on your baby (and baby’s!) temperament and schedule more than anything. In addition, it is important to set expectations for what your baby will accomplish in the swim lessons. I was lucky enough to be nieve and any little accomplishment by son did was amazing, but I also saw moms who were frustrated with what their child was learning. So, let’s save you that pain and sum up what to expect at each age range for swim lessons for babies.

swim lessons for babies what to expect

(Ages 6 to 18 months) Swim Lessons for babies

Here is what you can expect you, child, to learn and achieve

  • First, is getting comfortable with the water. Honestly, this is such a big step in learning to swim.
  • They’ll also learn some basic kicking and arm movements.
  • Blowing bubbles will be another step in your baby’s learning curve to get them used to put their face in the water.
  • Lastly, the biggest step is your baby will start to be able to float and glide.

Other things to know:

  • The baby should be in small classes. There is no reason to waste your money sitting in a group of 15-20 parents.
  • Pack swim diapers  or rubber pants (update grab the new washable swim diapers that are so much better than the disposable ones)
  • Expect to get wet! Parent tot water classes mean that you’re gonna need a swim suit and willingness to get wet.
  • Pre-swim classes just might let you watch from poolside.
  • Parent-child swim classes begin for babies as young as 3 or 6 months. I say stick with 6 months, your baby will be more ready for the water.

Finding the right class for both you and your baby:

  • For me, a regular drop-in swim class with perky teenagers leading “Motorboat Motorboat go so fast” was ideal; I could attend or not based on nap schedules and hunger. I frequently ran into moms I knew from work or the playground, so not only did I get the benefit of my child learning swim lessons but it was also a fun social atmosphere.


Baby and Daddy swimming pool challenge


18 months to 3 years Swim Lessons for Babies to Toddlers

Here is what you can expect you, child, to learn and achieve

  • Your child will learn to get in and out of the water on their own.
  • Dunk head under water and hold breath.
  • Jump off the side of the pool to you.
  • Improve on their ability to float and get to the side of the pool

Things to know:

  • Within arms reach – Stay close to your toddler even if they seem to be a strong swimmer. Toddlers get tired fast and you should always be within arms reach
  • You still will get wet. Classes should be parent and me. Individual classes should be taken around 4 years old.
  • Pack swim diapers or rubber pants and goggles if your toddler will wear them for going under water.
  • Puddle Jumpers are a great floatation device to use when you are not practicing swimming. The puddle jumpers allow your child to use natural swim motions but keep your little one safely above water (always still stay within arms reach)

swim lessons for babies

3 & 4 years old Swim Lessons

Ok, I guess they aren’t babies anymore, but they still have those cute chubby faces so I am going to include them in this article. Here is what to expect from your 3-4 year old.

Here is what you can expect you, child, to learn and achieve

  • Your child should be able to start to use their use his or her arms and legs to move forward through the water.
  • Be able to float on their back.
  • Swim towards a wall and pull themselves out of the pool on their own.

Things to Know

  • This is the age where private or more individualized lesson will pay off. Your child is much more ready for the individualized attention.
  • For group lessons, choose a class with no more than 5 students per instructor. 
  • Enjoy some sun: Now, you don’t have to worry about jumping in the water during the lesson but make sure to be close by when your child is not taking a Select a class that has no more than six children per instructor.
  • Be wary of overconfidence – Teach your child not to go near the pool unless an adult is supervising.
  • Also teach your kids about general pool safely, like not running in the pool, making sure to find a safe way to exit the pool, and how to safely move if stuck under something in the pool.
Please Check out Our Pool Safety Tips for Kids & Toddlers, it is so important to be safe around any water.

Pin for Later – Swim Lessons for Babies – What to expect for each age range.

when to do swim lessons for babies

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Hindmilk & Foremilk…Is There An Important Difference?

At the start of your breastfeeding journey, you may hear a lot about foremilk and hindmilk; leading you to believe that you can produce more than one type of milk. However, that would not be entirely accurate. Women only produce one type of milk, but the fat content found in breastmilk changes as the baby nurses. You want your baby to have a balance of both high-fat and low-fat milk to stay hydrated and gaining weight.

The Mechanics of Breastfeeding

When your baby begins nursing milk quickly flows from the alveoli, through the milk ducts, and to the nipple. This milk has been accumulating since the baby last nursed. Fat particles have also been collecting, and as they tend to stick to one another and the alveoli walls, they are somewhat trapped.

The initial flow of milk will not have a high fat content, as most of the fat is lodged in the milk ducts. As the nursing session progresses, your milk picks up more and more of these fat globules and carries them to your baby. The greater the time between nursing or pumping, the more stuck the fat becomes, resulting in less of it being available at the beginning of the session.


What is Foremilk?

Foremilk is the milk produced at the beginning of a breastfeeding session. This milk differs from hindmilk in terms of appearance and nutrients. However, there is no concrete distinction or period of production between these kinds of milk. Nor are they two different types of milk. The shift occurs progressively over the course of the feeding.

When a let down occurs, your milk flow increases. Your breasts have been working hard to produce milk in between sessions and your baby’s suckling triggers this release.

The initial milk flow, your foremilk, is watery and whiter. It is usually very plentiful. It is important to clarify that this milk isn’t fat-free, but rather has a lower fat content than the milk towards the end of the feeding. Foremilk is an excellent source of hydration for your baby.

The longer the period of time between feedings, the lower the amount of fat initially present in your foremilk.

What is Hindmilk?

Hindmilk is the fattier milk that occurs towards the end of your breastfeeding session. There is no exact time in which foremilk changes to hindmilk, but rather it is a gradual progression.

Hindmilk is usually thicker and more yellowish. It also may come with a slower flow, as by that point your letdown has subsided and your baby should be sucking and swallowing rhythmically.

As the milk passes through the ducts, it picks up and transports more and more of those fat globules that had been backlogged. This high-fat milk is richer and creamier than your foremilk and helps your baby to pack on the pounds.


The Great Debate; Hindmilk vs. Foremilk

The Tricky First Few Weeks

Research is still ongoing, but phrases such as “foremilk/hindmilk imbalance” and “finish the first breast first” have long been used in practice. The thought is that if you switch a baby too early from the first breast, or the nursing session ends abruptly, that the baby will not receive enough rich hindmilk for proper growth and development.

Foremilk/hindmilk imbalance is a saying that may strike fear in the heart of new moms. Symptoms they are instructed to watch out for include gassiness, fussiness, and the despised green poop.

In the first few weeks to months of breastfeeding, most moms suffer from engorgement. The breasts produce more milk than the baby needs in an attempt to make sure there is an adequate supply.

Because of this milk surplus, a baby may fill up on foremilk before getting to the fattier hindmilk. Additionally, if the baby only nurses for a short time on one breast and then is switched to the other breast, they may only receive foremilk from each side.

Mothers were often instructed to finish the first breast first. Meaning that the baby should be kept on one side, or one breast until it is drained before switching to the other breast. The thought behind this is that by depleting a breast’s milk supply they would be sure to receive both foremilk and hindmilk.

Often though, new-to-nursing babies are not on board with this plan and fuss at the breast. Additionally, you do not want to be left with one empty breast and one engorged breast.

How It All Evens Out & Your Baby Gets the Hindmilk

The good news is that your supply will even out, and infant milk intake is cumulative. Your milk production will adjust to the needs of your baby. This means that as your breasts produce lesser quantities of milk, your baby will have to nurse longer to become full, giving him time to reach the hindmilk.

Furthermore, your baby’s fat gain and nutrient intake happen with each nursing session. If a baby breastfeeds for a short period and only receives foremilk, it is probable that he will be hungry again quite soon. This shortened period of time between nursing sessions will give the fat less time to accumulate and your baby will receive fattier milk more quickly.

A baby that receives foremilk more often, as a result of short nursing sessions, will receive fattier foremilk. A baby that nurses longer and less often will receive greater quantities of hindmilk. In a twenty-four-hour period of feedings, this imbalance balances out.

As long as you are not switching breasts too frequently or cutting nursing sessions short, you should not have to worry about the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.  

Moms Who Pump

Moms who pump will often realize the presence of foremilk and hindmilk sooner than those who exclusively nurse. The color and texture of these kinds of milk, when compared in bottles, is clear. Upon cooling in the bottle, the fat layer will build upon the surface of the milk.

Fortunately for pumping moms, they can dictate the length of the session and the frequency of sessions, therefore they have greater control over the fat content of the milk.

Often, you will not need to make any adjustments to your pumping schedule or carefully select which bottle should be fed to your baby. However, it is important to incorporate the solidified fat back into liquid milk. Warming your bottle before giving it to your baby should take care of this.

If your doctor suspects a problem with your baby’s weight gain, they may instruct you to make a few changes to your breastfeeding habits. They might suggest things such as pumping before feeding. This will allow your baby to reach the hindmilk quicker. They may also say to only feed off one breast per session to reduce supply. Before taking any of these steps, visit your pediatrician or lactation consultant.

A Balanced Breastfeeding Journey

Foremilk and hindmilk are both beneficial to your baby. They each serve an important role in your baby’s growth and development. As long as you keep nursing your baby on demand for as long and as frequently as he wants, he will receive both valuable kinds of milk.

Please reach out to our Facebook Group if you are having any struggles with breastfeeding! We are here to help and there is a whole tribe of mamas who have been where you are.

The fat content found in breastmilk changes as your baby nurses; hindmilk being the fattier milk and foremilk being less so. Learn about them both here! #milk #hindmilk #foremilk #babiesmilk #breastmilk #breastfeeding #breastfed #breastfeed #breastfeedbabies

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Baby Won’t Take a Bottle? Here Are 5 Ways To Help Them

So, your baby won’t take a bottle. While this definitely is not the worst thing to be dealing with, it can be extremely frustrating. On the bright side, your baby is probably loving the boobies and has latched well. However we much as you love your little one and love breastfeeding, you aren’t going to be with them 24/7 and it’s very hard to leave them in someone else’s care if they won’t take a bottle. It becomes a real problem when you finally feel ready to shed the sweats and go out on a date night and once you’ve returned to work you definitely want this sorted out.

We have all the tips you need to help you get through your baby not taking a bottle. We got you, mama, and we are sending all our good luck vibes your way. After all, you can’t lose that amazing babysitter you found just because your hungry baby is inconsolable!

baby won't take a bottle

Reasons Your Baby Won’t Take a Bottle

The very first step you should take when your baby isn’t taking a bottle is to find the source of the problem. We give you 5 great tips below to work through this struggle, but you will find a lot more success with them if you address the root of the problem first! Below are some common reasons that babies refuse a bottle. 

  • Stress– This may be due to the environment or your baby could be feeding off your own emotions. Whatever is causing your baby stress may make it harder for them to want to try something new, like a bottle.
  • Mom is Too Close– Your baby is smarter than you think! They associate mom with food and if she’s around, they may refuse all other methods.
  • Don’t Like the Artificial Feeling– Some babies just flat out don’t like the feeling of the bottle. This is why it is important to try different nipples and bottles. It may also just take some time to get them used to it!
  • Likely Does Not Have Anything To Do with Latch– While it is possible that your baby is struggling with latching to the bottle, this is not very likely. If they are breastfeeding fine, they should be fine with bottle feeding so I would look to the other reasons listed here first. However, if you do think this is the problem try out a couple different nipples and bottles!

baby won't take a bottle

Methods To Help Your Baby Take a Bottle

1. Pay Attention to the Environment:

Make this as stress-free as possible, this means figuring out how to calm down yourself too! Try to practice some breathing. It might also be helpful to find a quiet spot with minimal distractions. Take into consideration that this whole bottle thing is brand new to your baby and they may be a little confused as to why their food is not coming from mom.  The less stressed out you both are the more likely your baby will try out the bottle. If you are feeling overwhelmed, hand the bottle duty off to someone else like your spouse or the new grandma & grandpa. 


2. If Your Baby Won’t Take a Bottle, Make it Similar to Mom:

Maybe your baby just likes you too much! Can you really blame them? Some things you can do to make them feel a little better are warming the bottle nipple or even choosing a brown/nude colored nipple instead of clear. This may trigger their memory and remind them of their normal feedings. You should also try holding them just like you do when breastfeeding. Many parents do not notice how much they are changing the feeding routine when they go to give their baby a bottle. If you notice you are holding them completely different just try to mimic your breastfeeding hold. Obviously, you will need to help other caregivers with figuring this out!

3. Try Again and Again:

Different bottles, different types of nipples, different flow. Try them all and then do it again. The answer to getting your baby to take a bottle may be as simple as finding the perfect fit. While figuring out how to latch is not typically the issue, it is possible that this is why they won’t take the bottle. Some bottles may help them to figure this out so trying different kinds is worth it. 


4. Get them in the Perfect Spot:

If your baby won’t take the bottle, trying to give it to them when they aren’t hungry or when they’re too hungry is just going to disastrous. Try bottle feeding when they are right in that perfect not too hungry spot. You have a much better chance of getting them to be cooperative when they are not grumpy. 


5. Get Out of the House:

If your baby won’t take the bottle from you, give them a chance to give it a try with someone else like your spouse or a loved one. As we said, they may just like you too much and sensing your presence just adds to their confusion. 


Bottles We Recommend for Breastfed Babies


This bottle is truly amazing, and hopefully, your baby will agree! It is meant to mimic a mother’s breast in feel and shape, which you can clearly see in the photo. They are specifically made to help babies who are refusing the bottle. They also allow your baby to latch properly and control the flow of milk just as they would when breastfeeding. This is beneficial for their oral and dental development too! It is made with medical and food grade silicone and also is easy to clean. Check it out!

Comotomo Natural Feel:

This bottle is soft and squeezable. It also has a slow flow, which is good for young Breastfed babies. It also has anti-colic vents to keep your baby’s tummy feeling good. Best of all, it is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. This makes it very easy to clean and heat up as it can go in the dishwasher and microwave. Plus, I love the super modern look of it! Get yours here. 

baby won't take a bottle

Nanobebe Bottle:

My sister-in-law is planning to try these bottles with her sweet new baby! She brought my attention to them and I think they are awesome! They are shaped just like a boob, which is helpful in recreating your baby’s normal feeding routine. This bottle is a great choice if you will be switching between breast and bottle frequently because it won’t cause too much confusion for your baby. They also warm up quickly and evenly, making them great for impatient little ones. They come with a breast pump adapter, so you can pump right into the bottle. Super convenient! Check them out here. 

baby won't take a bottle

Tommee Tippy Closer to Nature:

Tommee Tippy did a wonderful job with this bottle nipple. It is as close as an artificial nipple can get to the real thing in feel, movement, and stretch. These bottles are also very easy to hold and they have few parts making them easy to clean. You can purchase them in 3 different flows; slow, medium, and fast. Best of all, they come at a great price tag. Purchase yours here!

baby won't take a bottle

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free:

You are probably still feeding your baby breast milk even when you try the bottle, which means you will be pumping. The Munchkin Latch BPA-Free can be attached to a pump adapter making it adaptable to most popular breast pumps. The bottle itself has a great nipple that many babies like. It also has an anti-colic valve and encourages proper latch, so your baby won’t suck in extra air. You can buy the whole newborn set here at a great price!



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So, your baby won'€™t take a bottle. While this is not the worst thing to be dealing with, it can be extremely frustrating. Here are 5 tips that will help! #motherhood #bottle #feeding #babytips #bottlefeeding #milk #baby

Best Baby Carriers for Dad – 11 Choices With Style and Comfort

Babywearing is great for bonding and is an easy way to transport baby without the hassle! No more juggling a stroller and a grocery cart. Dads can wear their baby just as well as moms can, but often baby carriers are more mom focused. Even when gender neutral, they may leave out some of the must-have features like extra support or the capability to carry the baby to be carried in several different ways. The following are the best 10 stylish dad baby carriers. All have a focus on bonding dad and baby while looking good and providing optimal functionality.

best baby carriers for dad

Neutral Dad Baby Carrier Options 

DaDa Hip Seat Baby Carrier

For parents with back and shoulder issues, this baby carrier is a great choice. The unique design makes it easy for parents to stand up straight and feel that the baby still has support. Both the carrier and the hip seat evenly distribute the baby’s weight which makes for a comfortable experience for all. This baby carrier has 8 different carrying options. It has the traditional carrying option of your baby outward on your chest. You can also backpack style carry or use the hip seat to assist with holding your baby as they grow.

Infantino Multi-Pocket Carrier

The Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier is Infantino’s top-performing product and features an adjustable seat that grows with babies! The seat cinches to accommodate small newborns and can be expanded to seat toddlers comfortably. The six intuitive pockets on the carrier serve as a handy tool belt to make everything parents need for the day that much more accessible! Pacifiers, keys, wallets, diapers, and onesies are now a quick grab away! I feel like our family is always on the go, so this carrier is always with me. It’s extremely comfortable to carry and totally functional. 

You + Me Baby Carrier

Several baby carriers have a grow-with-me feature. This will allow dad to carry baby from the infant stage all the way through the toddler stage. It’s useful to consider a grow-with-me carrier because there will be times when your toddler still wants you to carry them. This 4-in-1 baby carrier is made of breathable mesh and offers four different ways to carry your baby, from a cuddle wrap style for infants to riding on the back style with toddlers. This model is lightweight, easy to use, and looks good in a neutral grey.

dad baby carrier

LILLE Baby Six Position Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is a solid choice because it is all-season, with six different positions to carry the baby. Offered in classic neutral black or blue, this carrier has a high pocket for baby to sit securely. Also, it has several positions from forward and rear facing and even on the hip. The breathable mesh fabric makes it breezy for the warmer months and the zipper flap in the front can keep baby warmer in the cooler months.

Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Baby Carrier

The Cuddle Up Hoodie Baby Carrier by Infantino is a great budget-friendly option. The fabric is a neutral grey with a fun bear hood to keep baby warm and dry. The backpack style straps go over your shoulders and around your waist. This supports your baby’s weight evenly and you can wear it in a variety of ways. The straps are easily adjustable making it a great dad baby carrier and the hood is removable. Also, the front has a kangaroo pocket for keeping dad’s hands warm or storing a small item. You can wear the baby two ways, on your front or as a backpack.

Tactical Baby Carriers

Mission Critical Men’s Baby Carrier

This men’s baby carrier has a very similar look and it feels to a tactical vest. Available in three colors, this baby carrier allows wearers to carry baby on their chest and allows baby to face dad or out to explore. The vest has a supportive back panel and backpack style straps to keep everyone comfortable and the hands-free design allows dad to put on or take off the vest one-handed, ideal for when carrying baby solo. There’s a built-in sunshade, mesh for breathability, and MOLLE webbing to attach a tactical backpack for a day out.


TBG Tactical Baby Carrier

Another tactical baby carrier that operates a lot like a backpack is this one by TBG. The straps are wide and cross in the back to provide adequate support and structure. The front has two solid panels to support the baby and keep them protected. The front panel folds down and velcros forward to allow baby to look out once they’re big enough for forward facing. This is a great lightweight and minimal baby carrier that works with many tactical backpacks to make it easy for dad to carry the baby and go about the day.

dad baby carrier

Analog Kids Tactical Baby Carrier

This tactical dad baby carrier uses an outdoors backpacking style structure. This means it provides wide, padded, supportive and comfortable straps with shoulder and hip straps to keep the weight evenly distributed. The front of this baby carrier is a simple panel with a tactical look, complete with the webbing and coloring of your favorite tactical backpack. Almost every strap is adjustable to keep dad and baby comfortable. You can wear the baby two ways, making this a great baby carrier for daily activities all the way to weekend hiking.


Wrap Style

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Wrap style baby carriers don’t have to be complicated. This one by Boppy has three easy steps to put it on and carry the baby safely. The “click, strap, tie” setup gives you plenty of support with padded straps and it has a crisscross design. This design gives baby’s hips plenty of room and the baby can face forward or snuggle up. This is a great wrap-style baby carrier because it comes in neutral colors, has a yoga comfort style fit and look, and folds into a small carrying pouch to stow and go. Dads will love to carry their baby in this wrap!

dad baby carrier

Moby Classic Baby Wrap

Baby wraps aren’t just for moms, this wide wrap by Moby has the classic baby wrap design and is great for dads to use too. The wrap itself is one piece that uses a method of crisscrosses that evenly distributes the baby’s weight, making it easy to carry for long durations. This wrap also promotes bonding and helps keep baby close, protected, and comforted. It’s a perfect option for keeping outings hands free while knowing the baby is supported. The Moby Wrap also comes in a variety of colors so you can find one that fits dad’s look and style.

Stroller Totter

This is a baby wrap that will stay in place. It was designed with the everyday parent in mind, creating a solid baby wrap that can hold baby securely while keeping everyone comfortable. The fabric is stretchy but stays in place, making dad feel solid while he carries the little one around. The neutral color makes it easy for this wrap to fit with dad’s style and the overall design makes it comfortable. 


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Night Weaning; How To Have A Smooth Transition

The first few months of a newborn’s life are an exciting and unique time experience for both mom and baby. However, as joyful as this time is, let’s be honest, it’s exhausting. I remember breastfeeding my newborn, who woke up every two hours around the clock to eat. Exhausted, sore, and a little grungy from not showering, I was relieved when my pediatrician suggested that my baby might be ready for night weaning at our four-month checkup. The possibility of sleeping through the night again was exciting! Our pediatrician did assure us that the night weaning process requires patience and not to expect overnight results, though.

What is Night Weaning?

So what exactly is night weaning? As a baby gets older, they reach various developmental milestones. A very significant milestone is the ability to sleep through the night, without waking up for a feeding. Achieving this milestone isn’t something that happens overnight. Instead, it takes time, patience, and consistency to establish a routine that benefits both mom and baby. Night weaning is a process, and there are many ways to help your baby get a full night’s sleep. It’s essential to keep in mind that different babies reach their milestones at different times. Even though you may be ready to wean, your baby may need a few more weeks or months to adjust to their new feeding routine.

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How to Know If Your Baby Is Ready For Night Weaning

Before beginning the night weaning process, it’s wise to consult with your pediatrician or a lactation consultant if you are breastfeeding. Although you may be ready to get a full night’s rest, your pediatrician may recommend that you hold off. There are various reasons for this. Some babies may sleep through the night as early as four months old. However, don’t be alarmed if you find yourself feeding through the night past that age. There’s no hurry to phase out night feeding, every baby is different, and I personally recommend baby led weaning and introducing night weaning as your baby transitions into solid foods.

Reasons Why Your Baby May Not Be Ready

There are various reasons why your baby may not be ready for night weaning. Some your pediatrician may point out to you, and some reasons you may conclude on your own. Bottle and breastfeeding aren’t just physically nourishing. Babies appreciate the time their caretaker takes during these feedings, and it can be a bonding experience. If mom or baby’s primary caretaker has recently gone back to work or has placed baby is someone else’s care for the majority of the day, then the baby may look forward to this time spent and uses feeding time as a way to bond and reconnect.


Another reason why your baby may not be ready for night weaning is teething. For those of us who have survived the teething stage, let me tell you, it’s no fun for baby. Sore gums and normal teething pain can cause fevers and overall fussiness, and baby may wake up often during the night because of this. Growth spurts can also increase the number of times a baby wants to feed, even throughout the night. These and many other factors can contribute to why your baby may not be ready for night weaning. But be patient! Your baby will let you know when they are ready!

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Before You Begin Night Weaning

Alright, so you’ve come to the conclusion that your baby is ready for night weaning. Now what? Again, I strongly recommend starting off by talking to your pediatrician. Your baby’s doctor can answer questions about your baby’s growth and development, providing guidance and sound professional medical advice If you’re breastfeeding your little one, consider also speaking to a lactation consultant; they can help you make sure you maintain your milk production, which is very important, even if you plan on night weaning your baby.

Increase Day Time Feedings

Now that you’ve gotten some advice on if your baby is ready for night weaning, it’s time to begin. Your baby is most likely not going to sleep through the entire night for the first few nights. Night weaning is a slow and gradual process, which requires patience. An excellent first step is to make sure that your baby is eating enough during the day, especially towards bedtime. The whole point of night weaning is for your baby to reach a point where they aren’t hungry throughout the night, helping them stay asleep. Increasing the amount of milk, formula, or solid foods in your baby’s day time feeding schedule can help ease the process of night weaning.

Patience is Key

As mentioned numerous times throughout this article, patience with your baby is necessary to ensure a smooth night weaning process. While you adjust your baby’s feeding schedule, allow a bit of flexibility, as your baby may not want to increase their food intake right away. Gradually increase the amount of milk, formula, or solid food that they have during the day, but try not to drastically alter how much they eat right away.

Night Weaning For the Breastfeeding Mamas

For moms who primarily breastfeed, night weaning is a transition that should be handled with care to make sure that milk supply remains consistent. Your body produces breastmilk depending on demand, so your body may slow down production when it realizes that your baby is no longer feeding throughout the night. There are two options for breastfeeding mothers who are night weaning. The first option is to pump throughout the night when your little one regularly eats. Although you won’t be able to catch up on some much-needed sleep, the upside to this is that you’ll begin to accumulate a nice supply of stored milk which could be used throughout the day if you’re away from baby.


The second option for breastfeeding mothers who are night weaning is just to pump or breastfeed in the morning. Personally, I don’t recommend this option for two reasons. First and foremost, this can drastically affect your milk production, and second, having a build-up of milk isn’t just uncomfortable, but can lead to clogged ducts and even mastitis, a painful infection. I highly recommend consulting with a lactation consultant, who can guide you in correctly night weaning your little one.


Exciting Transition

Night weaning is an exciting yet challenging transition. It will require a lot of patience from you. Pediatricians and lactation consultants are great resources for parents who have questions about when and how to begin. They can also answer questions about making sure milk production is adequately maintained or adjusted. You can find a lactation consultant near you here. Although night weaning can take some time, both parents and baby will benefit from a full night’s rest once the transition is complete!

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